About Us

What Makes Us Special
Go Real Travel works with you to organize your entire trip, leaving you free to enjoy the journey. How? Our combined planning, booking, and scheduling services take the hassle out of travel prep, and our ongoing customer support is easy to reach throughout your trip. You should come home from vacation with souvenirs and happy memories, not stress and headaches. Unlike a generic vacation package or bus tour, you will never be one of the herd when you travel with us. We want you to feel a personal connection with our destinations. Our in-depth self-guided daily itineraries are tailored to your preferences and choice of pace. We book everything in advance, so everything is taken care of prior to arrival. Plus, our local guides and drivers are assigned exclusively to you. Anyone can explore a new destination when equipped with our seasoned travel knowledge. Speak with one of our consultants today to find out how we can help you make the most out of your next trip.
Our Journey
Go Real Travel began in 2008 when New Orleans-raised David Manley relocated to the Czech Republic with his Czech wife. Backed by local knowledge from his European wife, David explored Central and Eastern Europe. His most meaningful memories are of hiking obscure trails in Bohemian Switzerland or watching his daughter learn to climb steps in a tiny Italian village. It was these experiences that made him realize how many international tourists miss out on the authenticity of travel when they stick to bucket-list attractions. In his adopted hometown of Prague, a city visited by millions of people each year, David saw herds of tourists in time-pressured and overcrowded tour groups. Visitors rushed through Old Town with a confusing and often fictional account of the city, and dined at overpriced restaurants and pubs. David knew that only a few blocks away, one could escape the crowds, behold beautiful architecture, and enjoy a Czech meal for half the price. With this knowledge and passion, David set out to create detailed trip itineraries that would offer clients a local and authentic Prague experience. Clients loved traveling with the full benefit of David’s expertise and assistance so much, they requested his advice for other cities like Vienna and Budapest. As his services grew, David formed relationships with guides and drivers so his travelers could connect with friendly, trustworthy locals. He built a team of well-traveled expats to contribute their own first-hand knowledge. Now with bases in Europe and Southeast Asia, Go Real Travel is an American company supporting travelers through 41 destinations - and counting! Go Real Travel aims to bring you the best of your destinations, stress-free and customized to your needs.