boats in a marina and colorful houses in sorrento italy
A Seaside Jetty in Sorrento Italy
Historic Building Overlooking the Coast of Sorrento Italy
Lemons and Shot Glasses Next to a Bottle of Limoncello
Restaurant Overlooking the Marina in Sorrrento

Sorrento Travel Guide

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Natural Beauty
Historic Landmarks
Churches & Monasteries
Sorrento is a town in Campania, a place where the Mediterranean spirit is apparent in every inch of the deep green hills and azure waves. Lemon terraces adorn the hillsides, and there’s a vibe of relaxation. In Sorrento, it is as though the entire landscape is telling you to take it slow.
Located under the brooding presence of the Lattari mountains, Sorrento slopes gently into the sea, a collection of houses and restaurants on a hillside merging almost seamlessly into the small harbor where boats bob lazily on the waves.
Close to Naples by train, and therefore also within fairly easy reach of Pompeii, the town destroyed by Mount Vesuvius nearly two thousand years ago. If you wish, this is a region made for day trips. But Sorrento is more than just a jumping-off point for the surrounding area, it’s a town with rich treasures of its own.
Here tourists can swim, bike, and, most importantly, relax. There are beaches, and just a short distance away from the island of Capri, complete with its very own special, tranquil ambiance. Sit back and enjoy delicious seafood washed down with a shot of Limoncello.
Sorrento’s museums, churches, galleries, and castles rival any others to be found in Italy. The Castello Aragonese is a must-see on the nearby island of Ischia, and the Duomo on Corsa Italia is surrounded by excellent shopping. The Piazza Tasso is home to beautiful architecture and the Church del Carmine in Baroque style. The Marina Grande, part of but somehow distinct from the rest of Sorrento, is a former fishing village rich in a special kind of rustic charm.
Still, Sorrento isn’t really a place for packed itineraries and frantic box-ticking. There is no urgency here; stress is a foreign concept. The main order of business is the appreciation of life, the all-important objective of every day is to soak up the culture and enjoy the wine, weather, and conversation.

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Must See Attractions in Sorrento
A Courtyard in Sorrento with Greenery and Archways
San Francesco d'Assisi Church
Churches & Monasteries
Tower of Sorrento Cathedral With Red and Yellow Accents
Sorrento Cathedral
Churches & Monasteries
The Piazza Tasso Square in Sorrento
Piazza Tasso
The Scenic Marina Piccola in Sorrento
Marina Piccola
Regional Cuisine
Optional Day Trips from Sorrento
Rocky Arch and Cliffs on the Island of Capri
Island of Capri
Natural Beauty
An Island at the End of a Causeway
Island of Ischia
Natural Beauty
A Birdseye View of Naples Looking out to Mount Vesuvius
Mount Vesuvius
Hiking, Biking & Kayaking
Ruins in Pompeii with Mount Vesuvius Beyond
Historic Landmarks
Houses on the Amalfi Coast by the Ocean at Sunset
Amalfi Coast
Natural Beauty

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